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provides super quality AdBlue®. SUPERBlue® is a global supply network, covering not only Europe but also other parts of the world.


SUPERBlue® product meets the highest industry standards. SUPERBlue™ product is produced with unique and innovative technology.

SUPERBlue® gives security to customers in product quality, in supply security and in customer service. SUPERBlue® helps to make the environment cleaner and to save the future, working on products for cleaner air technology.


SUPERBlue® is based on more than 20 years of experience in this industry, back to 2002. These accumulated experiences give security for customers and business partners and is the basis for confidence in SUPERBlue®, its product and the SUPERBlue® team, which is ready to serve you to your needs.

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                                         Global footprint

The international network of SUPERBlue® and also the European network of SUPERBlue® continues to expand. 


Developments can be shown on the websites: for each part of the world there is a website showing more regional developments. While the websites are showing actual developments, there are always new developments in preparation in addition to what is shown, giving on-going expansion, covering all continents. With these developments, SUPERBlue® is truly contributing to a cleaner earth.

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