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SUPERBlue® supplies AUS40 and AUS32 for NOx reduction in the Marine

SUPER Blue adblue


We supply AUS40 directly to the harbour.

Sometimes, with multiple tank trucks.


SUPERBlue® - Marine AUS40 is used in the marine industry for the reduction of nitrogen oxides.  


We supply only the highest quality AUS40 according to the ISO-18611 standards.

SCR technology, already the standard for NOx reduction in industrial and automotive applications,  has now also become the standard for NOx reduction in the Marine Industry.


DeNOx Marine™ has a global supply network for supplying approved quality products needed for vessels equipped with SCR technology. 


While the challenges are on availability, handling and efficiency, DeNOx Marine™ has developed solutions with knowledge of technology and understanding the needs of the Marine Industry and bunkering companies in supplying vessels.

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